Jiffycon Success!

Huzzah! Today marks my first official playtest of Questlandia, a roleplaying game about fictional characters in a fantasy kingdom, struggling to achieve their goals and stay true to their beliefs in the face of societal upheaval and wicked temptation.

The game is suitable for 3-5 players. Due to enthusiastic interest, we ended up with a total of 7. In a normal game, this would be too many people, but it worked for the playtest. We doubled up on a few characters, and the additional players provided helpful feedback and cozy body heat.

Despite a few mechanical kinks and “let’s just go with it and see if it works” moments, the game had a great tone, compelling characters, and the makings of a juicy plotline. Thanks to playtesters Sam, Evan, Emily, Joshua, Mark, and Matthew for a wonderful game!

Here we are, on a pilgrimage to go play games!

Photo credit to Joshua A.C. Newman of the Glyphpress. Credit to Modern Myths and Owl and Raven for two great spaces to play games!

Jiffycon Success!
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