Sneak peek of Damn The Man, Save the Music! Plus: Our week long sale!

We’ve been gearing up for our Kickstarter launch of Damn the Man, Save the Music! Our current projected launch date is June 20th and we’ll be dropping more art and text snippets in coming weeks. You can check out the game overview here!

The awesome record illustration and pattern shown above were designed by Baltimore artist Sarah Robbins, who will be doing some special poster art for the game. You can check out more of Sarah’s work here.

Our New Logo

Did you notice our brand new logo? We’re so excited to debut it! It was designed in house by Evan Rowland (our resident artist, and the creator of Noirlandia). If you’d like to read more about our logo creation process, check out our recent blog post about what the logo means to us and the process for designing it—as well as some of our initial drafts.

We’re having a game sale!

In celebration of Spring and our new logo, we’re launching a storewide sale. For the next week, get 20% off on all physical game purchases on our site. Just use the code HAPPYSPRING at checkout and the discount will be applied automatically. Happy playing!

And Now, Words of Wisdom from Lupin

This is Lupin. Lupin is Brian’s dog. Why does Lupin look so happy? Maybe it’s because his zombie apocalypse defense training is coming along so well. Hopefully you too will soon be able to implement this rigorous training program in your own homes. In the meantime, here’s some words of wisdom from Lupin:

“Don’t chase a squirrel unless you are prepared to catch it.”

With Love,

Evan, Hannah, and Brian

Make Big Things Has a New Logo

Make Big Things has a fresh look: we’re proud to debut our new logo, designed in house by Evan Rowland.

To us, this logo represents many things, including: the adventures that lie ahead, the games we want to build, and the discoveries that creativity reveals.

When coming up with our logo, we had a number of considerations in mind. One of the first things we knew was that we wanted to work with the motif we initially used in Questlandia and continued in Noirlandia.

The image of the person overlooking the horizon from Questlandia had been operating as our defacto logo for some time. However, we knew that our actual logo needed to be simpler and more fine-tuned to be instantly recognizable as well as understandable when being viewed on a small or large scale. It also had to stand on its own so that it’d look good on business cards and merchandise like T-shirts.

Make Big Things logo shirt, unisex sizes
Make Big Things logo shirt, women’s sizes


We went through multiple drafts and concepts. All along the way, we had to keep asking ourselves: does this represent what we want it to represent, or could it be saying something that we’d want to avoid? Take one of our first and then discarded designs, for example:

While we all liked this one, we realized that it could come off as though it were representing a person on a conquest. That was a big no-no.

While this draft truly represented “making a big thing,” we wondered if it came off as too all powerful-like, which was not something we wanted to portray.

With this draft, we considered the moon to be a nice touch, but eventually we came to the conclusion that it was a little too complicated when viewed on the micro-level.

Ultimately, we’re delighted with our final result, and we can’t wait to stamp this logo on all the future games and products we produce together.

And who knows, as the mighty Make Big Things conglomerate expands, maybe some day you will see our logo all over the world…