Good Dog, Bad Zombie

2 – 4 players
45 – 60 minutes
12 and up

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Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative game where you play as different doggos and rescue hoomans from the zombie apocalypse by bringing them back to your home in Central Bark. You’ll have to bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse. It’s a cooperative board game where Homeward Bound meets The Walking Dead.

Rewards for backing the game on Kickstarter include getting a copy of the game, playing the game as your dog, and getting your dog illustrated into the game!

“Good Dog, Bad Zombie was hands-down my favorite game at PAX Unplugged. Watching a Shih Tzu halt an ever growing zombie hoard by herding it off of a cliff was the highlight of my weekend. Between the premise, the gameplay, and the art, this game absolutely oozes charm, and I can not wait for it to show up on Kickstarter.” – Brooks Muller, playtester

“GDBZ is an immersive dog-mind experience. Every single detail is saturated with flavor. It wouldn’t really surprise me if it was designed by an actual dog, or maybe a kindly werewolf. I mean that in a good way.” Everything Board Games

I’ll start with this: my daughters, who have not played a zombie game with me since Zombie Dice (when they were much younger), actually liked Good Dog, Bad Zombie and have been eager to play more than once.” -Geek Dad


The Story So Far…

The zombies have taken over the city, and you and your doggo friends have found refuge in Central Bark. But you realize something is missing… those scratches behind your ears… those enthusiastic belly rubs… the sound of a hooman calling you a “good dog”…

It’s time to brave the apocalypse and search the city for any hooman survivors, bring them back to Central Bark, and build a place you can call your forever home.

Click here to get the game on Kickstarter!