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I’ve been getting all worked up about the state of this planet.  A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (and if we’ve already forgotten, here’s another), nuclear fallout in Japan, a party-line vote to defund NPR, more proposed defunding for Planned Parenthood, and a country where we’re still blaming the victims for acts of heinous and unspeakable violence.

If you’re a human (and you’ve been paying attention), then you’re probably worked up too.  It’s hard to do much of anything, let alone keep making games, when you’re pestered by that nagging suspicion that doom is waiting at your doorstep.

If you’ve haven’t been listening, it’s time to put your ear to the earth (or the sky…or whatever) and start paying attention.  It’s okay to keep making games.  It’s even okay to keep playing games.  But, while you’re busy running away from skeleton archers, don’t forget to remember about that big ol’ world outside.  It’s hurting right now, and it could probably use your help.

Don’t forget to remember. Uh…got that?