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Huzzah! Today marks my first official playtest of Questlandia, a roleplaying game about fictional characters in a fantasy kingdom, struggling to achieve their goals and stay true to their beliefs in the face of societal upheaval and wicked temptation.

The game is suitable for 3-5 players. Due to enthusiastic interest, we ended up with a total of 7. In a normal game, this would be too many people, but it worked for the playtest. We doubled up on a few characters, and the additional players provided helpful feedback and cozy body heat.

Despite a few mechanical kinks and “let’s just go with it and see if it works” moments, the game had a great tone, compelling characters, and the makings of a juicy plotline. Thanks to playtesters Sam, Evan, Emily, Joshua, Mark, and Matthew for a wonderful game!

Here we are, on a pilgrimage to go play games!

Photo credit to Joshua A.C. Newman of the Glyphpress. Credit to Modern Myths and Owl and Raven for two great spaces to play games!