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Yesterday, I posted on a few social networks about a new collaborative piece for Make Big Things: stories, strategies, words of wisdom, and cautionary tales from those who have experienced a breakup (of a romantic relationship) in a small community.

How do you find the space and time to heal when you share friends, hobbies, a band, a creative project, or even lovers with a former partner? If you’re interested in contributing to this piece, email me at makebigthings (at gmail dot com) and I’ll respond with a list of questions.

Project scope: The final format of this piece will be a long blog post (possibly a two-part post, depending on the number and depth of responses). I know the subject matter here could fill a book. I can’t take on a project of that scope, but if someone else feels motivated to do so, I’ll certainly read it!

Stories and Questions: I’m looking for your stories, strategies, words of wisdom, and cautionary tales from those who have personally experienced a breakup, or those who have experienced the fallout of a breakup, in a close-knit community. I have about 10 questions, and I’m using those questions to guide and unify the piece.

Project goal: Through your stories, I hope to communicate the ways in which communities (and people) adapt around change. I also hope the piece will serve as a compassionate guide for others—both those going through a breakup, and those who are standing on the outside and haven’t the slightest idea what to do.

Anonymity: Your submission can be anonymous, though I need an email address and a name (can be a pseudonym) to follow up with you about your submission. If you’ve shared something with me under your real name, I will get your express permission before sharing your story under your real name. We can decide together what feels the safest for you and your community.

Communities include, but are not limited to: gaming communities, poly communities, LGBTQ, community organizers/activists.