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Reflections of Earth 9

Happy 2014. This year I’d like to take up smoking…then I’d like to quit by 2015. I’d also like to change my name to something that makes people blush. Maybe Peener McNabbins? Schnauzer Tassletops? In the meantime, Here’s a quick Make Big Things 2014 update:

  • This week, I’m sending out Questlandia to a small group of brave and enthusiastic playtesters. I’m looking forward to watching them break the game, fix it, and break it again. Really, I am! This is invaluable information, and I can only run so many playtests myself.
  • Breaking Up in Small Communities is in the works. I’m really pleased with the responses. The piece should be out in the next two weeks, but the roleplaying game takes priority, so I don’t want to over promise.
  • A February site redesign is also in the works. Now that the site has been up for a few months, I’m looking at ways to make the content more readable. The site is already responsive, and should perform well on mobile devices, but I think I can do a better job pushing relevant content forward. I don’t fancy myself a designer, but I think there’s good work to be done.

Here’s to a fruitful New Year. May your January be filled with good food and unrestrained creativity.