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Questlandia Winter News

The Questlandia October sale was a lot of fun. It was a neat little experiment, and it was nice to send copies of the book and PDF to folks who may have previously been on the fence. Thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the game.

If you’re still on the fence and you’d like a little incentive, the Questlandia PDF is available as part of an Epimas holiday bundle from now ’til December 24th. Give the gift of gaming and receive a bundle of the same games—all for yourself!

Click the image below to get Questlandia as part of the Winter Wonderlands bundle, and make sure to check out all of the other great bundles on the main page!


Winter Wonderlands Bundle. Clickity click.

Of course, if you’re a person who appreciates a more tactile gaming experience, you can visit any time to grab a physical copy of the book.

New Game

I’m hard at work on my new game, a surrealist storytelling game that saw an alpha playtest at this year’s Metatopia.

I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s smaller in scope than Questlandia, has a shorter run time, and should be friendly to a wide age range and a wide variety of players. I’ll be creating the game with Evan Rowland (the artist and co-designer of Questlandia), who’s currently working on an awesome video game of his own.

Health and happiness into the New Year! I’ll be at Dreamation 2015, and I look forward to gaming with you!