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All Hail Bugtopia!


About the Game

A grave wrongdoing has been committed in Bugtopia—an attempt on the life of the great Dragonfly Captain! Can the lowly Accused stand trial and prove their innocence? It’s up to the ever-suspicious dragonfly Audience to determine their fate.

All Hail Bugtopia! is a storytelling game for 5 players, ages 12+, designed for Game Chef 2015. It uses a Mad Libs-style mechanic to generate answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet.

This game hasn’t been playtested and is quite possibly broken!


  • 5 Players
  • Game printouts
  • Index cards or notepaper
  • A pen or pencil for every player

Game Rules and Printouts

All Hail Bugtopia! Rules (PDF)

Bugtopia Character Cards (poorly-formatted PDF)

Bugtopia Suspicion Tally (PDF)