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GDBZ notice!

Make Big Things is changing and with it, Good Dog, Bad Zombie is changing hands. The game and expansions are now available through our friends at TESA Collective.

Good Dog, Bad Zombie

  • Play as eight different dogs, each with unique powers to help rescue hoomans in hiding.
  • Take actions on your turn like, “I’m going to lick myself for two energy.”
  • Cooperative play that’ll have you howling with joy!
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Weird Smells adds new adventures and friends to your game! You’ll follow the scent of the golden bone around the city, embarking on missions that introduce new layers of strategy. You’ll also learn new tricks like Fetch and Roll Over, giving your pack powerful abilities to take on the apocalypse. Finally, you’ll join forces with the slayer to take out large swaths of zombies at once.

In Unlikely Allies, you’ll add four new non-dog playable characters to your game: a cat, a goat, a baby pig, and a parrot. Each character comes with a unique power that can’t be found anywhere else!

"GDBZ is an immersive dog-mind experience. Every single detail is saturated with flavor. It wouldn’t really surprise me if it was designed by an actual dog, or maybe a kindly werewolf. I mean that in a good way."

- Everything Board Games

What Comes in the Box?

Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative board game where everyone plays together as a heroic dog pack. Together, you’ll explore a post-apocalyptic city while sniffing out scents, barking at the undead, and herding hoomans to safety.

Good Dog, Bad Zombie was designed by three people who love games and dogs. It’s printed and assembled in America. We don’t just care about pups. We care about the environment, fair labor, and creative ownership too.

Gameplay Overview

Zombies roam the city, but you and your doggo friends have found refuge in Central Bark. Cooperate as a pack to sniff out hoomans in hiding and bring them back to safety!

On each turn you’ll choose two actions:

RUNNING through the city to get to friends or smells.
LICKING yourself or others, drawing you energy cards.
SNIFFING the smells of the city to uncover hoomans and stories.
BARKING or HERDING to move pieces around the board – hoomans, zombies, or your fellow dogs!
CHEWING the zombies that just keep coming!
• And most importantly, BEING A GOOD DOGGO by using the special power unique to your dog!

As you play cards, you’ll howl to give energy to your pack, and zoom to chain together many actions into mega-turns!

But after every turn, a new zombie enters the city. They’ll block your path, eat any hoomans they find, and get closer and closer to Central Bark!

Work quickly, doggos, because the zombies will push your Feral Track higher and higher. If it reaches ten, you forget what it means to know the love of a hooman!

If you rescue six hoomans in time, you’ll build your forever home and win the game!

Good Dog, Bad Zombie comes with a number of difficulty settings that let you choose the challenge you want. Be heroic dogs and save those hoomans!

"The theme of the game is a lot of fun: I love the way that the scent cards describe the dogs’ reactions to things, the names of the various locations, and the silly flavor text on some of the energy cards. "

- GeekDad

Watch the How to Play Video

Learn how to assemble, set up, and play Good Dog, Bad Zombie!

5 Things You Need To Know About GDBZ

From Board Game Inquisition.

"...a refreshing and entertaining take on a zombieland setting..."

- The Cardboard Republic

GDBZ's Eco-Friendly Production

We’re proud to have sustainably produced Good Dog, Bad Zombie in America. The game is printed on recycled materials with vegetable-based ink by Community Printers in California! Here are some behind the scenes clips from the game’s production.

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