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About Hannah

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a web and game designer living in Massachusetts. I represent 1/3 of Make Big Things. Here’s some of the work I’m proud of.

Game Design


Questlandia (2014) is a collaborative worldbuilding game about personal victories, both small and big, in collapsing worlds.

14 Days

14 Days (2015) is a 2-player roleplaying board game that teaches empathy around chronic pain.

Damn the Man, Save the Music

Damn the Man (2017) is a one-shot roleplaying game about a ragtag group of punks trying to save their indie record store from collapse.

Additional Game Design & Writing

  • Noirlandia by Evan Rowland – In-book actual play, Fungi Fatale setting
  • Sig: Manual of Primes by Jason Pitre – Whispering Sands setting
  • Tragedies of Middle School by 9th Level Games – Tappers game
  • Good Dog, Bad Zombie – Card flavor text

Web Design

I’ve been freelancing as a WordPress front-end designer since 2010. I tend to work with: game companies and game designers, therapists and healthcare professionals, writers and editors, and religious and non-profit orgs.

Notable Work


Here are some of my web areas of expertise.

  • Responsive theming
  • Site cleanup and checkups
  • Human-language SEO review
  • Brand assessment
  • Woocommerce installation and setup
  • Web accessibility assessments

Selected Clients

And here are some clients I’ve worked with. Clients may have made edits or changes to their sites over time.

Book Design and Layout

Damn the Man, Save the Music

Interior artwork and additional layout by Evan Rowland

Good Dog, Bad Zombie

Rulebook and card layout

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