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Noirlandia Quickstarts

Nine Noirlandia settings—complete with player characters and mystery leads. Made possible by a group of amazing writers and designers. Download them all here (zipped PDF), or individually below.

100x100-fungiFUNGI FATALE by Hannah Shaffer

The Kuriboh Kingdom is in an uproar after the murder of the royal plumber, Geronimo. He had just revealed a terrible secret—that contained within the castle’s paintings were entire worlds, imprisoning all who the Cloud King deemed unfit for society.

100x100-luckLUCK HARVEST by Brian Van Slyke

Santa Fria is home to the world’s foremost luck manufacturer: LUCKY4U. A glistening desert city, where the rich get richer and the lucky get luckier. But on Monday morning, a body is dumped on the steps of LUCKY4U tower, with a warning: “YOUR LUCK’S RUNNING OUT.”

100x100-tiravalTIRAVAL by Rebecca Slitt

Miriane, leader of the Five Families, lies dead. The alliance between the merchant houses threatens to shatter, while the outcast wizards and the Lion Knights await their opportunity to seize power.

100x100-bluebloodBLUEBLOODS by Kira Magrann

Midnight City runs on vice and blood. The death of a well-connected financial advisor threatens to expose the extent to which the city is controlled by creatures of the night.

100x100-oldWHERE THE OLD SOULS GO by Quinn Murphy

In a city where where no one truly dies, the Old Souls have ruled for many years. Now, one of their number lies dead, leaving the populace to wonder: Where do the Old Souls go when they die?

100x100-welcomeWELCOME TO DOWNSTAIRS by Jackson Tegu

In Downstairs, you can be whatever you want. That’s the promise which lures people from their home-shelves and packaging into the linoleum streets and towering furniture. But when Right-o’s corpse is found, de-laced and abandoned, the cold realities of Downstairs are laid bare.

100x100-scarletCITY OF SCARLET LIGHT by Sarah Richardson

The city of courtesans, where lilting song and graceful arts hide a bitter class struggle. When a powerful voice of the oppressed is strangled with his own satin bondage ropes, the city threatens to tumble into anarchy.

100x100-rossumestoROSSUMĚSTO by Emily Care Boss

The birthplace of Silicate Intelligence is in chaos. On the eve of their announcement to run for mayor, Karel Stork, a champion of both human and digital-sapience rights, has gone missing. As the grim search for Stork begins, the city erupts into riots.

100x100-autumnAUTUMN OF THE THOUSAND-PETAL THRONE by Joshua A.C. Newman

The all-knowing Emperor lies dead, breaking a line of rule stretching back for millennia. While some struggle to find how the assassination was accomplished, others look for their chance to seize power.