14 Days (OUT OF PRINT)


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14 Days is a 2-player tabletop game about managing chronic pain.

In the game, you’ll play out two weeks in the life of a person with migraines. You’ll schedule your life one day at a time, juggling work, relationships, and hobbies around the reality of unpredictable pain. The game plays in 45 mins to an hour, followed by a discussion section at the end.

The boxed edition of 14 Days comes with everything you need to play the game. We’ll also e-mail you a copy of the Print n’ Play PDF! Please leave 24 hours for PDF delivery.

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Out of stock

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  • 5.5″ x 7.5″ box
  • 28 page rulebook
  • wooden tokens
  • 6-sided die
  • character cards
  • calendar cards
  • quick reference rules