Good Dog, Bad Zombie Expansion: Weird Smells

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Old dogs, new tricks! Weird Smells is an expansion to Good Dog, Bad Zombie that adds new adventures and friends to your game! You’ll follow the scent of the golden bone around the city, embarking on missions that introduce new layers of strategy. You’ll also learn new tricks like Fetch and Roll Over, giving your pack powerful abilities to take on the apocalypse. And you’ll run around with the slayer to take down large swaths of zombies all at once!

The base game of Good Dog, Bad Zombie is required to play Weird Smells.

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What Comes in the Box:

  • 18 Mission Cards
  • 8 Trick Cards
  • 5 New Friend Cards
  • 4 Heart-Shaped Bond Tokens
  • 1 New Friends Board
  • 1 Slayer Hideout Board
  • 1 Golden Bone
  • 1 Slayer Figure
  • 1 Mission Hooman Figure
  • The Weird Smells Rulebook.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 6.5 in