Good Dog, Bad Zombie Expansions: Weird Smells & Unlikely Allies


Get two expansions for Good Dog, Bad Zombie wrapped into one bundle! Both expansions can be played on their own with Good Dog, Bad Zombie, and they can also be mixed together and used at the same time for one mega-expansion!

In the first expansion, Weird Smells, you’ll add new adventures, strategies, and components to the game! Chase the golden bone around the city, go on missions to help hoomans in need, join forces with the zombie slayer, and learn tricks like “Roll Over!” to help you take on the apocalypse.

With Unlikely Allies, you’ll add four new non-dog playable characters to your game: a cat, a goat, a baby pig, and a parrot. Each character comes with a unique power that can’t be found anywhere else!

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Both expansions add new, fun ways to play Good Dog, Bad Zombie!

Weird Smells

In this expansion, you’ll embark on missions that introduce new layers of strategy. You’ll also learn new tricks like Fetch and Roll Over, giving your pack powerful abilities to take on the apocalypse. And you’ll run around with the zombie slayer to take down large swaths of zombies all at once!

What Comes in the Box:

  • 18 Mission Cards
  • 8 Trick Cards
  • 5 New Friend Cards
  • 4 Heart-Shaped Bond Tokens
  • 1 New Friends Board
  • 1 Slayer Hideout Board
  • 1 Golden Bone
  • 1 Slayer Figure
  • 1 Mission Hooman Figure
  • The Weird Smells Rulebook.

Unlikely Allies

This is the smaller of the two expansions – but big things come in small packages! A group of unlikely allies has escaped from the local zoo and joined your pack! Unlikely Allies adds four new playable characters to Good Dog, Bad Zombie: Hopscotch the goat, Boots the cat, Truffles the piglet, and Parry the parrot! Each character comes with a unique power proving that no matter where you’re from, you can still be a very good doggo.

This expansion comes with the following:

  • 4 new playable character cards
  • 4 new character figures
  • 1 rules card

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