Noirlandia Quickstart Cases


Quickstarts are now out of stock and out of print. We’re not sure if we’ll do another reprint, but all quickstarts are available to print here free:

Nine quickstart settings for Noirlandia written by nine different game designers. Fully illustrated and complete with player characters and mystery leads.

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Each envelope contains:

  • An introduction to the case
  • An introduction to the city and its corruption
  • Four city districts
  • Four (sometimes more) player characters
  • The victim and the objects found on their person
  • 10 or more additional leads that can be randomly drawn from the envelope as you progress through the case

The Noirlandia quickstarts are also available for free to print-and-play. They require some assembly and you may see spoilers, so we recommend the envelopes for the maximum mystery experience.