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Humble Bundle and DVA

A not-so-lazy but somewhat lazy Sunday of Humble Bundle V, game design, and enjoying some Czech electropop. Jiffycon Boston was a much-needed motivator to pick up the pace on all these game projects I’ve got floating around in my head.

Playtesting and Inspiration

Second Questlandia playtest today. Things are looking good. There are still mechanics to figure out and kinks to work out, but we all had a great time…so much so that we’re continuing with this storyline. I’m excited, because this will be the first...

the thing about minecraft

Is that someone will always outdo you.  I’m still finishing the porch on my sandstone beachside ranch house, and someone in Iowa has just created a Minecraft lovebot that massages your toes while singing you to sleep at night. Really, I’m sure it’s...