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What Matters to Us

We are a worker-owned cooperative: everyone who works here ones one equal share in the business and has one vote in its governance. We’re striving to do better every day and to match our practices to our values. Here are some things we care about.

The Environment

Where possible our games are printed on recycled materials using vegetable-based inks. Here’s a montage of Community Printers, also a worker co-op, printing our board game Good Dog, Bad Zombie.

Social Impact

We belive that people deserve dignity and autonomy. As a cooperative, we try to work with other worker cooperatives when possible. We also print our games in the United States and Canada with companies that pay a living wage. Sometimes, due to the limitations of American manufacturing, we have to source game pieces from places where we don’t know about the ethics of the supply chain. We try to be transparent about that and seek out companies that manufacture ethically.

Giving Back

One goal we’ve set is figuring out a target percentage of our annual earnings that we can give back to organizations working to improve the lives of people and animals. We haven’t reached a point where our yearly earnings are consistent enough to offer a steady percentage, but we run PDF sales to support organizations doing on-the-ground activist work whenever we can, and donate a portion of our Kickstarter funds back to the community. Here are some orgs we support:

Safe Passage

Trans Life

One Tail at a Time